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About the Fund

The Experian Cares Fund is a global fund that acts as a safety net to help employees during some of life’s more stressful events.

The fund is here to help financially with a variety of situations like serious illness or injury, natural disasters, residence fire, domestic violence, and many other scenarios.

When disaster strikes our colleagues, we all want to help. The Experian Cares Fund is a great way to support your colleagues around the world in their time of need. Donate as a one-time gift or make your contribution ongoing to help build the fund. Either way, your donation is an enormous help when team members are confronted with life-altering events.

You can apply for assistance even if you don’t participate in donations.

Make a Donation

You can make a voluntary ongoing gift or one-time gift by clicking on the Donate Button.

All donations to the fund at the Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible in the U.S. The EIN# for the Emergency Assistance Foundation is 45-1813056. 

Apply for a grant

If you are experiencing a personal hardship or the effects of a qualified disaster you can apply for a grant for financial assistance. Please read the Application FAQ to see if you qualify.

Emergency Assistance Foundation independently administers all Fund activities and assists applicants with their grant applications when needed. The sponsoring organization (Experian Services Corp) has no visibility into individual applications or grants unless an applicant opts in to share certain details under specific circumstances.

Emergency Assistance Foundation is here to help during difficult times. Please click the “Community Resources” button for links to local resources, disaster preparedness education, financial learning tools, and more.

Experian cares about every aspect of your wellbeing and mental health and you can find all available global and regional mental health resources in one easy-to-find place on the Global Wellbeing Hub .